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The Day I Met The B-52’s!

It’s not everyday that you see your all-time favourite band play live, for free, at your local shopping mall.

But this week that’s exactly what happened to me!

On Wednesday afternoon, a huge steel box appeared at The Grove in L.A. on with a 24-hour countdown clock on the outside... and due to some cryptic messages left on the band’s official Instagram page, I had a feeling they might be involved in some way.

Just over 20 minutes remaining on the mysterious countdown clock...

It was quite a low-key affair - I arrived about 25 minutes before the clock hit zero and there were only a dozen or so other people already there - although it packed out pretty quickly once they actually came out and started playing. With seconds left on the clock, the host came out and asked if we had any idea who the surprise musical act might be... while at the same time I could hear Kate Pierson doing vocal warmups just on the other side of the wall, which was a pretty cool moment! Eventually the clock hit zero and the trio emerged to perform Planet Claire, Roam, Love Shack and Rock Lobster - and it was awesome! I was stood less than a foot away from them!

Standing about one metre away from The B-52's!

The appearance was to promote NBC’s “Best Feb Ever”, plugging the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics that are coming up this month.

Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson - the 52 girls!

I didn’t take too many pics as I was too busy dancing (which I think you can actually see in a few people’s dodgy Instagram vids 😂) but I did manage to snap a couple just so I’d have proof to myself that this actually happened.

I also managed to grab a cheeky selfie with Kate just as they were leaving, which made my year!

Grabbing a cheeky selfie with Kate Pierson - the highlight of my year so far!

The B-52’s have been my favourite band since 1990, and growing up in England I didn’t get a chance to see them in person until 2007... so to be able to head down to my local mall and see them for free, up close and personal, is just unbelievable to me! I love this band, and I always will do! Thank you, B’s! ❤️❤️❤️


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