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I Hate The Dentist!

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Today I went to the dentist for some work... as well as being extremely expensive, it will also keep me out of commission for the next week or two - in fact, in the aftercare instructions, it actually forbids me from doing any cardio at all for at least two weeks, so I guess the Couch-to-5k will have to wait just a little bit longer!

Although I have to admit that there is a little bit of vanity behind getting my teeth sorted, it has also become quite a medical necessity in recent years.

Putting on a brave face!

I visited a number of dentists in the U.K. about ten years ago when I first noticed that my teeth appeared to be going crooked and was told again and again that there was nothing they could do for me, and "they could only help me when my teeth actually fell out"!

Since that time they've got worse and worse (it's genetic, sadly - my Dad is currently undergoing the exact same series of operations that I am) and it's caused me a lot of problems both mentally and physically.

After moving to the USA last year and signing up with my wife's excellent dentist, they took a much more pro-active approach to my teeth and - rather than wait for them to just fall out - have decided to take matters into their own hands!

The plan was to remove the lower two front teeth (this part was actually done last year) and add implants. However, it turns out that my gum had receded so much that before implants could even be considered, the gum would have to be built back up with a series of bone grafts that would each take several months to heal.

Today I had the worst of these bone grafts where - and this is not for the squeamish - bone was removed from the roof of my mouth and then surgically inserted to build up my lower gums. Sound painful? Well, it was!

Three hours later... I want to go home!

Not only that, but it means that I have stitches in both the top and bottom of my mouth, meaning that I'll be living a largely liquid diet for at least the next week, as eating anything solid would run the risk of undoing the 3-hour dental procedure I've just endured.

I'm not even meant to speak much for the next couple of days to give everything a chance to heal!

Luckily I managed to pre-record several videos before I went in, so I will be editing them from my sick bed and posting them when I can, so hopefully you won't notice too much of a disruption to your weekly service.

This was the worst procedure I've gone through so far, but I'll be going back 'under the knife' in about 4 or 5 months when everything's healed to have dental implants inserted, which could be even more painful! Yikes!

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