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My Ukulele Collection!

As requested by many of you, here's a quick look at what's currently lurking in my ukulele closet - I'll post a more in-depth video of my collection posted soon!

4. Kala Travel Tenor: 5. Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele: 6. Flight DU-BASS Bass Ukulele: 8. Kala KA-SLNG Mahogany Soprano Long Neck Ukulele: 10. White Fender Stratocaster: 10. Fender Champion 20 Amplifier: 12. Jasmine Acoustic Guitar: 15. Flight NUC 310 Concert Ukulele: 18. Oil Can Ukulele: (Promo Code: UKETEACHER for 10% discount) ---

Canon EOS 70-D Camera: Tokina Wide-Angle Lens: LimoStudio 18" LED Ring light: Rode On-Camera Microphone: --- 1, 2, 11, 14. From: 3. Limited Edition TØP uke - No Longer Available! 7. Duke10 Banjolele: 9. Populele: 13 Jeff Jarrett Guitar - 16 Junkyard Ukulele 17 One of a kind cigar box ukulele made for me by a friend!

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