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I recently got an Oil Can Ukulele from my friend Jack at UkeLife!

This is one of the newest additions to my ukulele collection, and it's awesome! It has a hollow metal body (the oil can), and it's fully electric so you'll need to plug it into an amp to really rock out.

It has nickel-wound strings and a pick-up, so it's basically like a mini electric guitar - plug it into an amp and you can do pretty much anything with it!

In my recent unboxing video, I plugged it into my Fender Guitar Amp and played blues, rock and slide ukulele, and it was able to handle everything I could throw at it without a problem.

I was really impressed with how solid it felt to play - it's actually a very nice weight, and you can be very confident when you're rocking out on it that it will be able to take the full force of your playing.

Get 10% off this uke - or anything at all - from the amazing UkeLife website by using the promo code: UKETEACHER and you won't regret it.

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