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What ukulele does Tyler from Twenty-One Pilots Play?

Twenty-One Pilots

What ukulele does Tyler from Twenty-One Pilots play?

Like me, Tyler Joseph - the lead singer and ukulele player for the awesome Twenty-One Pilots - is a Kala Brand Music Artist!

This means that for the most part when you see him performing live, he'll be playing one of their ukuleles.

The two main ukes that he seems to play mostly are these.

Kala KA-KTGE-C Tenor Ukulele - Cutaway w/ EQ Gloss

This is a tenor ukulele - the next size up from concert, which Tyler used to play. The tenor has more volume, and a bit more bass to it, so is great for performing live.

Although I don't think he uses it much, you can see the ukulele is 'cutaway' by the sound hole, which means that you can get your left hand all the way up the fret board and play all those high notes easily and without obstruction.

You can see that it also has a built-in tuner, which I think is awesome, as well as a two-band EQ, which means you can plug it into an amplifier - again, ideal for performing live. (It's also available without the EQ here).

The body is made from Hawaiian Koa, a very traditional ukulele wood, and it has a nice gloss finish, which makes it super shiny.

It's a great ukulele, although some people on Amazon have complained that it's a little pricy. But I think if it's good enough for Tyler Joseph, it's probably good enough for me!

Luna High Tide Series Koa Concert Ukulele

Tyler sometimes plays the High Tide Luna concert ukulele too.

Like the Kala tenor, above, this is made out of Koa wood, and also has a half-moon style cutaway, allowing easy access to the top notes of the fretboard.

This uke has a full, deep sound, and great sustain. And again, like the Kala tenor, above, has an onboard pre-amp, meaning you can plug it into your amplifier for live performances.

Being a big star, Tyler also has a custom built ukulele from Kala, which is not available to the public... but the most similar ones on the Kala website cost in the region of $3,000!

They are part of the Luthier range and come in koa, maple, poi pounder and parquetry.

They are part of the "Three Cord Strand" from the Luthier collection. I've never played one (I'd be scared I'd drop it!) but I'm guessing they're pretty amazing. There's a very cool video on the Kala website that shows one being made, that you should check out.

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