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What Ukulele does Grace Vanderwaal play?

Last year, America's Got Talent winner Grace Vanderwaal gave this awesome tour of her ukulele collection for The Journal News, her local newspaper.

Today, I'm going to give you a little break down of each of these ukes, let you know if they're any good, and tell you where you can get them from... Enjoy!

1. Diamond Head DU-101 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele (Brown ukulele)

This was Grace's first ukulele, and it's a super cheap, very basic, run of the mill soprano ukulele. Even the manufacturers say that it was "designed to be affordable", which is a pretty clear code for "not that great".

I always say that it's not really worth getting a ukulele that's so cheap that it won't stay in tune because it'll just become frustrating and you won't enjoy playing it.

And the ukulele should be fun!

2. DIY Make Your Own Ukulele Kit! (Pink Ukulele)

Grace's pink ukulele was from a DIY "make your own ukulele" kit.

I got one of these a couple of years ago for Christmas, and it ended in disaster as you might have seen from my video!

You'll notice that Grace's also met the same fate - it wouldn't hold the strings securely and the bridge snapped off.

These DIY ukes are really fun to make, and if you're creative you can make them look super cool, but be warned - they also might not be that great to play once you've put them all together.

A fun novelty, but not necessarily good for your 'main' uke!

3. Kala "Kiwi Fruit" Ukulele!

This is a super cute ukulele - also available in watermelon! - that seems ideal for beginners!

Firstly, it looks awesome!

Secondly, it's created by Kala, so you know it's going to be a cut above a lot of other starter ukes. It's not as cheap as the previous ukes mentioned in this page, but it comes with geared tuning pegs (meaning it will stay in tune a lot longer), and Aquila nylgut strings, which generally have a nicer tone than the strings found on a lot of beginners.

This would be a great starter uke!

4. Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

This is the ukulele that Grace ended up playing on America's Got Talent after she accidentally broke her favourite uke!

It's a concert uke, with a slightly more confident sound than a soprano, and it it's acoustic-electric, which means you can plug it in to an amplifier or soundboard to make it much louder if you're going to be performing at a concert (or on AGT!).

It's not a really high-end uke, but it's very dependable and sounds great for the price range. I mean, you heard Grace on AGT, didn't you?

If you can afford it, it's a great investment and a great uke to play!

5. Kala Tenor Archtop - Sunburst Ukulele

Since hitting the big time, Grace has splashed out on a couple of nice ukuleles, and this one seems to be her current favourite!

It's a gorgeous sunburst ukulele, from Kala, with the classic "F Hole" soundholes that make it look almost more like a guitar than a ukulele!

It sounds great whether you plug it into an amp, or just play it acoustically.

It has a distinctive spruce top and mahogany back and sides. You'll have probably seen Grace play it in the Moonlight video, or the awesome live performance of that song at Vidcon. I think it looks awesome, and I wouldn't mind getting one myself some time!

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